Pilot Medium Point Pen Gold

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9935 Pilot Medium Point Pen Gold

Pilot Paint Marker Pens are handy for ruling lines on mounts and writing caption cards

Choose from three line widths and between Gold, Silver and White paint.

Renowned manufacturer Pilot make these handy pens in Japan.

High grade oil based paint writes on many surfaces including photos, metal, glass, wood, mountboard and plastic. It is bleed, fade and water resistant.

Shake well before use and keep the cap on tightly. Xylene-free paint, for safety.

They fit the penholders on many digital mat cutters.

Other Pilot Paint Pens include:

Pilot Extra Fine Point 1.0mm Pens have a tubular nib, to give a fine line, approx 1.0mm wide with the minimum of bleeding.

610  Extra Fine Point pen, Gold, #SC-G-EF

609 Extra Fine Point pen, Silver, #SC-S-EF

7162 Extra Fine Point pen, White, #SC-W-EF

Pilot Fine Point 1.5mm Pens have a bonded acrylic fibre bullet point, to give a slightly broader line, approx 1.5mm wide.

2503 Fine Point pen, Gold, #SC-G-F

2504 Fine Point pen, Silver, #SC-S-F

7163 Fine Point pen, White, #SC-W-F

Pilot Medium Point 2.0mm Pens have a bonded acrylic fibre bullet point, to give a broader line, approx 2.0mm wide. Introduced December 2018.

9935 Medium pen Gold #SC-G-M

9936 Medium pen Silver #SC-S-M 

9949 Medium pen White #SC-W-M


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