Manual Flexipoint Driver by LION

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10400 Manual Flexipoint Driver by LION

This manual flexipoint driver is the tool for fixing a frame back in place

Standard flexipoints can be bent up to allow the back to be removed. It also inserts Semi-rigid flexipoints for a more permanent hold.

The new Manual Flexipoint Driver by LION is a precision engineered tool with the body moulded in glass reinforced polymer. Upper part of the soft handle is ergonomically shaped so the hand can push the driver forward without a tight grip. The well proven internal magazine and firing mechanism is made for long term reliability.

Special features:

  • Flexipoints are driven in almost flat, with no pressing down required
  • Side exit - Many manual drivers require them to be pulled back after flexipoint is inserted. This driver can be moved to left or to right without pull-back to speed fixing of backing boards
  • Firing trigger is shaped for comfort and suits left and right hand users
  • Quick front-loading magazine with thumb release takes 200+ flexipoints
  • Adjuster knob to set flexipoint insertion pressure
  • Lighter than many others, at 0.56kg when empty 
  • Product support service you can trust from LION

Flexipoint driver inserts most types of 15mm x 4.5mm flexipoints

The Manual Flexipoint Driver is made in Taiwan.

10400  Manual Flexipoint Driver by LION

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Safe use of a flexipoint driver:

Read the instructions and familiarise yourself with its use before inserting flexipoints and testing it.

Never point the driver at yourself or anyone else and wear safety goggles.

Where possible, place a weighty block behind the frame when firing flexipoints. This can help better insertion.

Accidental damage caused by dropping is not covered by warranty.

New product, due into stock September 2021


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