Fletcher Air FrameMaster Rigid Point Driver

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5125 Fletcher Air FrameMaster Rigid Point Driver

Specially developed for the higher volume framer, this air-op tool inserts the rigid Framers Points. No other air-op tool does that.

The unique technical design fires the Framers Points very tight and flat to the backing board. This allows a neat finish to the back of the frame. The tool is Black and the rigid points are Silver.

• Requires no ‘pull-back’ as the tool is moved sideways to the right or to the left to clear the point, making it much faster to use. For extra efficiency, we recommend the tool be hung on a balancer suspended on a sliding track. 

• The tool magazine takes special long strips of FT Framers Points, each with 250 points. Points are 16mm long to bridge gaps created by variations in sizes of backing boards. This tool only inserts Fletcher Air Frame Master points.

• Ergonomic trigger is operated by the forefinger, rather than the little finger, for more comfort.

• Limited warranty.

5125  Fletcher Air FrameMaster driver Black  Fletcher ref: # 07 300

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More info:

PUB096  See More Info for Fletcher Points and Drivers Info sheet

Product information updated April 2020


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