LION General Purpose Air Stapler 80 Series

LION General Purpose Air Stapler 80 Series
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Specification: General


10475 LION General Purpose Air Stapler 80 Series

Ideal for stretching canvas or general workshop use

Key Features:

+ Uses standard #80 Series staples 6-16mm

+ Safety trigger prevents any accidental misfires in the workshop

+ Ergonomic and lightweight for ease of use

+ Quick load magazine holds 160 staples to allow for continuous use

+ Support service you can trust from LION

Technical Specification:

Staples: #80 Series staples. Crown 12.9mm

Length: 225mm

Height: 160mm

Width: 48mm

Weight (without staples): 0.9kg

Air Inlet: 1/4" BSP

Recommended Operating Pressure: 4-7 Bar (60-100 psi)

Max Operating Pressure: 7.5 Bar (110 psi)

Air Consumption: 0.0044 scfm with 25 staples per minute when set at 100 psi (6.9 bar)

Compatible Staples:

10476 LION #80 Series Staples 10mm Box 10,000

Omer #80 Series Staples Range

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Airline fitting sold seperately: 1362


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