Alfamacchine T400 Double Mitre Saw for Wood

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4544C Alfamacchine T400 Double Mitre Saw for Wood

Alfamacchine T350 & T400 Double Mitre Saws. Twin blade - vertical action.

Have been carefully designed for fast and consistently high quality production. They are renowned for their build and reliability of automation saws.

Operation and speed

• Moulding is held securely by adjustable twin vertical clamps. The clamps can be operated by a foot switch, or set to engage automatically when the blade descent starts.
• Twin push buttons activate blade descent
• Blade descent is adjustable - on narrow moulding the descent / stroke can be reduced, speeding the cycle time.
• Cutting cycle time estimated at 700 - 800 per hour, although this in only one factor in production speed.
• Left-hand moulding support table
• CE Certified with comprehensive safety features.

Optional Add an auto gauge to automatically set moulding lengths, AG2000 9762 and AG3000 9762A.

Quality of cut

• Blades are fixed to a single chassis, so they travel together with no possibility of movement or misalignment.
• For optimum cut quality it is essential to use correct and well maintained blades. Blade descent speed must also be set correctly - slower for harder woods and faster for polymer.

Blades and cut capacity

T350 - 350mm blades. Max moulding 80mm wide x 80mm deep
T400 - 400mm blades. Max moulding 100mm wide x 80mm deep
• All blades have a 30mm bore and twinpeg arbors
• Blades are mounted as close together on the chassis to give minimal waste
• T350 and T400 can also be supplied configured to cut aluminium mouldings. For this you require a lubrication system and special blades. Ask us for details.


• Arms, left 1.6m. Our T400 has the auto gauge installed, 3.2m. Saw base 700 x 680mm

Power requirements

• Electric - 3 phase, 380v. 2 x 2hp motors use 3kW power
• Air - 6 bar, consumption 8 lt @ 5 bar per cutting cycle
• Dust extraction - 3 x 80mm extraction ports. Offcuts exit from the lower right hand side of the machine. We can advise in detail and put you in touch with specialist dust system suppliers.

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