Tray Frame Profiles

  • Frame in a contemporary style by creating a shadow gap between the panel and the frame.

    • Creates a shadow effect
    • Join with CWH3 Kit consisting of:
      • Screwed Plates and Flat Plates for joining the corners of the frame
      • Bow Springs fit between the backing board and the back of the aluminium
      • Hangers - CWH3 hangers
    • Panel sits in the tray created.

    See the full range of Tray Frame Mouldings.

Assembly Accessories

  • Solvent Wipes

    • For preparing the surface of the back of a printed panel

    • Ensures tape or adhesive bonds well

    • Adhesive products work best if the surfaces to be bonded are totally clean and grease free

  • Heavy Duty HD Bonding Tape

    • For permanently attaching a printed panel to a Tray Frame

    • New red filmic liner, will not tear

    • Double sided with a high internal strength

    • Extremely high adhesion to most grease free substrates

  • 2 Part Magnetic Tape

    • Magnetic strip & steel strip, both self adhesive

    • Easy to apply, adjust, and remove panel

    • Ideal for POS & Display

    • 2.1mm net thickness